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The House of Single Dad

Not the well oiled machine I'd like

So I'm sitting here, at home on my computer satisfied with my website having finally gone live. Had a couple of days 'celebrating' by doing nothing for a bit, now time to get back into making this blog something fab.

Then I look around and realise my house isn't the shining example of perfect home, even though I've been giving advice about how to be a great dad. Kind of hypocritical don't you think?

Right now I see the grass needs mowing, there's washing needs to be hung out, but it's raining, the dog has chewed up toys and sticks all through the house. Floors need vacuuming and mopping, not sure what to cook for dinner, fish tank needs cleaning, kids will be home from school in 10 minutes at which point gonna have to put my dad pants on (figuratively, not actually). Then it's Taxi dad all afternoon.


Let It Slip Not Slide

Hey, it's ok to let things slip from time to time, just don't let them slide to the point where you become indifferent to having a clean, tidy, organised house, or worse that you don't care at all.

Hang On, I've Got Minions

Then I realise, it's a family home, not just a single dad house. Kids need to pitch in and do their bit to make this home a beautiful place to want to be in. Getting kids to do chores and setting your expectations is something you need to do early on in the life of dad. I wrote an article on developing a culture of chores and expectations on 'Just Dad It'. Check it out here:

For more info check out my Linktree at

As with any of my articles and posts, feel free to contact me with feedback or other ideas about things you'd like to see on my site.

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