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It's my Just Dad It Blog!

Parenting and advice for single dads and any other people raising kids

So my site came about from discovering that whilst there's a wealth of information for parenting, most of it is aimed at single mums or just some general bland parenting advice. Decided to try and come up with a parenting site aimed at dads. I'm trying to incorporate sound advice interspersed with anecdotes, humour and personal experiences.

Why Me Giving Advice?

Having a wealth of experience as a teacher, head of school, sports coach, educational writer and parent, I feel I have the tools to chuck in my '2 cents worth'.

Jump On In

Come join me in the journey of crying, screaming, laughing, frustrating, enlightening, emotional panic that is parenting.

For more info check out my Linktree at

As with any of my articles and posts, feel free to contact me with feedback or other ideas about things you'd like to see on my site.

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