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So, You're a Single Dad

And you may ask yourself, how did I get here?

dad and baby

So, you're a single dad and you’ve arrived at single dad-dom. There are many reasons why you ended up here I guess. You may have separated or got divorced from a wife or partner, maybe you or your partner had an affair, maybe you just fell out of love and had different opinions about your life direction.

Maybe you had a love/hate relationship that reached a tipping point, maybe you discovered you were gay, maybe you became a widow. All of these reasons comes with its own set of challenges and can depend on the way you approach being a single dad and parent.

dad and children

All a Bit Different

The amount of support you have at your disposal, whether you are in a co-parenting situation or just have limited access to your children, all of these contribute to the father you are going to be from this point forward.

You’re Not Alo…You Get the Idea

You might not even be a single dad and are still happily in a relationship and just need some advice and inspiration on parenting in general which led you to this site. Is this the point where I say ‘You’re not alone, and there are so many other blah, blah, blah’. No, I don’t want to say that sentence, you knew it was coming though, and I guess it’s right.

I don’t think knowing you’re not the only one navigating this situation necessarily makes it easier, in the same way that knowing other people get migraines affects your own ability to handle them.

dad getting makeover from daughter

Advice on Tap

But that said, it means that there is a wealth of advice, information and inspiration out there to make your parenting journey easier and more rewarding if you so desire.

Although single dads never used to get the same level of recognition and attention as single mums do in our society, it’s certainly something that’s changing. Many dads are embracing their newfound roles of parenthood with all their heart. They face unique problems such as financial difficulties, mental wellbeing, managing work and family at once and more.

dad walking with his children

Parenting Hub

This hub of articles will look at these issues that single fathers have to go through in order to maintain a healthy balance between being a parent and being an adult. A few solutions will be discussed on how a single dad can overcome these challenges and foster his wellbeing while providing a good upbringing for his children.

Carry on Dad

I hope you find it useful, and I hope you send suggestions and ideas for improvements and other topics you’d like to see covered.

Good luck dad, you got this.

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