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Not Just for Single Dads

Think this is all about you? Think again

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When searching for parenting advice online I find there is so much aimed at single mothers. You often hear the term single mum much more than single dad, and of course there is good reason for this since over the years children have stayed primarily with mums after separation and divorce.

Of course in recent years the balance has begun to shift as we see dads taking a larger role either through being a full time single parent or spending a much larger portion of time with their children as a co-parent.

What About Us Dads?

But when I searched for sites on solo dads, I did find many were either blogs usually containing one guy’s personal experiences and journey into single dad-dom, with little in the way of a more holistic site containing articles from a variety of different aspects of parenting aimed at dads. This is why ‘Just dad It’ was created.

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It Takes a Village

'Just Dad It' is primarily a hub for articles to give advice, inspiration, ideas and reviews on topics to do with parenting. Many of these will be written with the dad in mind, however, it's not just for single dads as much of the information and articles are equally as relevant to any parent or any one who deals with, or has a part to play in raising children.

Even those dads who are still married or living as a family need guidance sometimes in order to feel like a better dad overall, rather than relying on the mum as the primary parent when it comes to raising children.

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So as well as single dads, others who find this site useful would include aunts, uncles, grandparents, the kids’ mum, family friends and teachers, since they all have a role in some way of interacting with your children. Consequently, it’s worth pointing them in the direction of ‘Just Dad It’ for this reason. This is especially true if there is a particular article that connects with you that you feel some one else might benefit from.


I also appreciate feedback since this site is designed to be fluid and dynamic. So if there is a topic, article or something you would like to see included, I will research it and do my best to add to the site.

'Just Dad It' is written with my own personal experiences and beliefs in mind as well as researched information and relevant links to articles elsewhere that complement content you’ll find on this site.

I aim to make this site informative, but also with a some humour and personal feelings in a bid to connect better with the audience. Hopefully, I succeed in this.

It’s Nice to Share

So please feel free to share this to others, share your own ideas and let’s make parenting (especially for single dads) less daunting, more enjoyable and create the best dads and child raisers we can.

For more info check out my Linktree at

As with any of my articles and posts, feel free to contact me with feedback or other ideas about things you'd like to see on my site.

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